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Our Story

Our Story - Mixi Avenue

The spaces we occupy, the places we travel and the experiences we encounter shape our journey. I came up with the idea of Mixi Avenue while traveling for my organization in Western and Southern parts of Africa. My organization, Be the Link, identifies ways to form linkages with communities, organizations, businesses and government to serve as a catalyst in resource and economic development. Our linkages, along with communities have managed to increase life expectancy in the most underdeveloped countries in the world, decrease infant mortality, reduce the transmission of diseases and allow access to education, technology and books.

Mixi Avenue (inspired by my mom, Janice) works with women's cooperatives and local businesses to provide organic and natural skin care products. As each product is made, each jar is filled and each bottle is topped off, we are committed to sustaining our relationships with fabulous women as well as providing premium products. A percentage of our profits will go towards our organization helping communities gain access to education, technology and economic development.

Because of our commitment to a natural experience, we believe in contributing to a relaxing environment that will allow you to pause, smile and rejuvenate.

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